Sunday, January 25, 2009


Here is a quick review of some of the things we did this past week.

Thursday night was Tony's Winter concert. It was short and sweet. They sang 2 songs and then we enjoyed 9 Recorder songs! Love the recorder! Tony did really well. Here he is, if you click on the picture it will enlarge and it is easier to see him.

The little boys and I finished up the letter "I". We talked about igloos and then we also painted with paint ice cubes. They weren't as excited about this as I thought they would be. I left them in the freezer to pull out another day to use. I myself thought they were cool. I just added paint to the water stuck a stick in them and froze them in this tin. You could also use ice cube trays.

Here is a few other pics of the boys. They kept busy one morning stringing these foam beads. I was pretty surprised that Drew did so well. And I think he sat for about 20 minutes doing this activity. That in itself is amazing.

Here they are when I told them it was time for naps. I cleared the dishes and when I went to the bedroom to read a book they were both laying under the covers. We have to seperate them from each other for naps. One in my room the other in their bedroom. As cute as they are here, it ended with them fighting over who was sleeping where.

Lastly, our dear friends came over last night. They took pity on us and brought us Chinese food for dinner! It was a wonderful surprise and very much appreciated. We had fun playing games and of course I had the most fun snuggling with their 5 month old baby. Sometimes I miss having a baby in the house. Thank you guys!

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