Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm posting some pictures!

I finally got my camera charged back up and took some pictures today to let you know what we have been up to. We started the letter "I" this week. Yesterday we talked about ice cream. We made cones out of construction paper, read a book about ice cream and even had ice cream cones for our snack. Brodie got some letter writing in and was excited to see that "I" was so easy to write. Today we read about inch worms and made these cute little creatures.
We also stuck foam worm stickers onto paper and colored them (ok, maybe they are catapillar stickers but who cares). Tomorrow we will talk about igloos and Friday will be insects.

I also made this little contraption. I saw something similar to this on another blog. The one they made was a little more fancy than mine but I figured it didn't need to be perfect as long as it serves its purpose. Brodie is great at counting but his number recognition is what we are working on. I am hoping this helps. I just used lids off of juice bottles and cardboard. I am also in the middle of making another Tot book. This one is really cool and I will post about it when it is finished.
We spent the rest of the morning today putting up our Valentine's decorations. It was a little refreshing to take down the snowman stuff as much as I like having it up. There will be an end to all this cold weather eventually! And as always the boys had fun taking turns between playing in the water and playing in the beans. Always a favorite activity.


~Maria said...

I figured I'd come by here to comment instead of replying on mine! Thanks for your support....and as for you not having the patience or smarts to do are doing it and you are great at it! Even if you are only doing it during preschool they are getting so much out of it and you are awesome at it.

Collecting lids must be in the air! I'm working on name cards and some counting lids right now too! I can't collect lids fast enough and it's starting to annoy me!

~Sara said...

Same here! I did the name cards a few weeks ago and just now had enough today to make the number card. I am saving lids off everything! How funny.

Thanks for telling me I am doing a good job. You now how trying it can be some days! I appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Sara, thanks, those pics were great. I so enjoy looking at you girls' blogs. Love ya, Grandma Anita

Jennifer said...

What great ideas for crafts, thanks!