Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day 17 and 18

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend. I am happy that we have left the house the last few days. Yesterday was busy. I worked for a few hours at moms shop. When I got home I got a quick snooze in with Drew (I seem to be napping a lot lately, this cold is really dragging me down). In the evening we went to my nephews Boy Scout fundraiser pasta dinner. It was delicious and a lot of people showed up so that was pretty cool. After that we came home and met mom, Joel and Jen to celebrate Jens birthday.

Today we spent the morning at the mall. We went there to speak with the Qwest people to see what they had to offer us as far as deals on our internet and phone. We decided that cell phones were still a little out of our budget but we did add long distance to our land line and we are changing our internet over to them. We get internet free for 3 months and then we will be paying $24 less each month using their service! I was super excited. So we will be saving $327 total for this year by switching to their internet service. It is only costing us about $10 more each month to add long distance. This will be great since we have family and lots of friends that are not local.

I did pick up 2 loaves of bread and broke down and bought Will 2-2 Liters of Mt. Dew. We spent $5.38. If I don't count the birthday gift I bought yesterday and the donation I gave for dinner last night we are still under our $1 a day grocery budget for the month.

This afternoon and evening we have just been quiet. Got some housework done and my lesson plan for the letter "I" that I will be starting with the little boys next week. Will is off tomorrow so that will be nice. I am very happy that the weather is no longer 30 below hopefully we can get out more this week.

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juliecache said...

cool to see you use 'lesson plan' in a sentence about every day life! who wouldda thunk? kids do crazy things to you, don't they?