Monday, January 19, 2009

Day 19

Today Will was off from work so we took the little boys to the Science Center in the morning. We had a good time. We went on a good day too because they had story time with Sid the Science Kid. He is the new show that airs now on IPTV. Every once in awhile we catch part of it. So that was really the highlight of the day for them. We also met Dan Wardell who is the spokesman for IPTV. I see him on all the commercials but never in person. He is the exact same in person as on TV. Extremely hyper! I was totally bummed that our camera was dead, so I didn't get any pictures.

We ate our lunch there in the food court. I packed a cooler of food for everyone. That was a little difficult because they sell Pizza Hut bread sticks and I love Pizza Hut bread sticks. I chose the farthest table from the food as possible. Only to have some chic and her 6 kids sit right next to us with their pizza and greasy chicken strips and onion rings. I was thinking don't you dare, but she did. Of all the open tables. I was cursing her in my head.

The kids ran all over and got themselves nice and worn out. We headed home and had a quiet afternoon. Once Jake and Tony got home the chaos started again. We had to pick Jake up at 3:30, have Tony at piano lessons by 5:30, we ran to the library and to Redbox to get our free movie rental. Then home for a late dinner. Thankfully I had put a roast on to cook today so it was already done.

Tonight we watched Space Chimps. Wow, I think Brodie was the only one who really enjoyed it and he was half asleep!

I was very proud of us today for not caving and buying something. Will and I both really wanted to cheat. Lunch out since it was going to be cheaper without the older kids, coffee smelled wonderful at the Science Center, but we stayed strong! We only had to pay for parking and that was because we couldn't find free parking anywhere that wasn't extremely far away and it was just too cold to make everyone walk that far. I did however find .37 cents on the ground in the parking ramp. That was pretty cool!

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juliecache said...

You are over half done with your challenge. Have you considered what new habits you'll continue and what purchases will be immediate?