Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day 26

Well I can't say yesterday went so well. Around noon I was at the computer doing some work when I realized I was getting pretty chilly. I didn't think much of it at first. Finally I got up and checked the thermostat. It was 62*. I cranked the heat up to 69. I went and felt the vents and sure enough they were freezing cold. I called Will who said there was nothing he could do till he got home.

To make a long story short, we spent $115 to have a service call last evening. It turned out to be our thermostat. You wouldn't have been able to tell it was shot because it was still reading accurate temperatures and all the lights were working. Grrr. Anyway for another $200 I could have the repair guy install a new one. I new Will could do it so I told him to just put it all back together and I would have my husband do it.

After Will got home from taking Tony to piano he ran into Menards and bought a new thermostat for $70. He got a nicer one then we had before since the guy told me he has seen numerous problems with the brand we originally had. Will finally got it installed about 8pm last night. The temperature was at 59*. We thought about going to my dads to hang out but we decided to stick it out and just put layers on and blankets. It worked out ok, this morning at 5am it was 64*. So it is working, just slowly.

I was pretty bummed about having to pay the repair guy $115 for 15 minutes of work. Why is it every time you get a little extra money something has to break? I was glad to save $130 though for having a smart husband who could fix the problem on his own.

On a different note we spent the last of the grocery budget last night. We had to get some cheese for Brodie. He doesn't drink milk so I always have to find other ways to get him his calcium. A block of cheese was $4. And that was the cheapest. I hate that grocery prices are getting so high. Now we have to try and not buy anymore food until Sunday.


~Maria said...

I thought I saw Target had cheese on sale for $2 a block this week!

Anyway, another way to look at it is that at least you had the extra money to just go out and buy the new thermostat this month after all the money you have saved!

Jennifer said...

Yikes on the furnace! Glad you got it fixed for much cheaper though. Our furnace broke recently too, it was tough making it through in a cold house. But it makes me very grateful for a furnace at all.