Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Day 5

Well we survived everyone going back to work and school. The kids and I had normal day at home. I got a little cleaning done. I rearranged Tonys room for him so that it opened up the wall by his heater. His room is always so chilly so I am hoping this will help. This motivated Jake to rearrange his room as well last evening.

The little boys and I played with lots of different toys. Here is some pictures of Brodie, I don't know why I don't have any of Drew, probably because he didn't sit still long enough yesterday to have his picture taken. The first picture he is playing with our new felt board from my sister in law. I am very excited to make some new items for the felt board. Unfortunately I need to wait to buy the felt! The next picture he is putting together a 24 piece puzzle given to him by my sister. He did really good for his first time ever putting a puzzle like this one together. He also had fun playing with the homemade blocks also made by my sister.
My fridge is starting to look a little bare so I figured now is a good time to get it all cleaned. I have added that to my to-do list. We didn't really go anywhere yesterday except to Tonys piano lesson and to Redbox for our free Monday rental so no money was spent yesterday!

Today looks to be a little bit more busy. Brodie was up half the night with an ear ache so a Dr. apt might be in store for him. We have a conference with Jake's teacher after school to discuss his grades. He hasn't been doing so hot. Not really looking forward to that. Not sure what else will pop up.


juliecache said...

hy vee has a redbox code that is good until jan. 19. do you do

i have some felt and flannel that you could use for the felt board. if you can't buy any.

~Sara said...

Yes I did sign up for that, thanks to you. I only got the code for Monday. I didn't get the Hy-Vee code was it on there too? I would take the code and fabric if your offering! Thanks!

Katie said...

Can I snag your photo of your son with his ABCs on the felt board for a post later this week on ABC & 123?