Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Day 6

Well I am officially sick. I have the cold that everyone else around me has had. I am not suppose to get sick. It really cramps my style. It makes me tired and lazy and I hate that feeling.

Yesterday was a tough day for me. I read lots of blogs that were posting lots of good deals around town. I found lots of good stock up things in the Walgreens ad. I went to Kohls with Jake last night to exchange a Christmas gift and there was still TONS of 50-80% off racks. Looking through them with Jake I found lots of shirts and stuff for him that I really wanted to get. I had to hold back. I hated it in the store that I couldn't purchase it, but later after thinking about it I felt better. Does he really need any of that? No. He got a couple outfits for Christmas and I know he will be getting more for his birthday next month. There was lots of good deals but definitely not a necessity.

We had a relatively quiet day around the house yesterday. Both little boys are a little under the weather. Drew has had croup the last couple days. Brodie on and off has had a cough and earache. I am hoping for a nice quiet day today. Maybe even pop in a movie and just lay around sounds nice. You can tell I don't feel good right?

I am kicking myself that I have to fill up my gas tank. Will filled up Monday afternoon and it was $1.54. 2 hours later when we left to take Tony to piano it was up to $1.74. I am going to sit on my quarter of a tank for as long as I can and see if it goes back down. Wishful thinking probably.

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juliecache said...

Gas went down to 1.69 by this evening. these price changes are crazy.