Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day 20

Only 10 days left! We are still doing well. I did go to Hy-Vee tonight and buyt 2 loaves of bread and a dollar bag of generic corn chips. The chips were a little bit of a splurge but we have been doing so well. I spent $3.75.

My sister left a comment on another post of mine, she asks...You are over half done with your challenge. Have you considered what new habits you'll continue and what purchases will be immediate?

I thought alot about this today. First, I think I have formed lots of new habits that I myself will continue even after this challenge. Mainly the things around the house to save a little money. I definatly will continue to recycle, I have always done this. I will continue to keep the house temperature lower. I seem to not be effected by this as much as I thought I would. And I am really good in the Summer. I will continue to do most of the dishwashing on light cycle and I will keep the heated/dry option off. Washing clothes will continue in cold water, unless I really feel like hot water is needed. I would really like to put up a clothes line in the Spring. (I really wish we hadn't taken down the one that was here originally when we moved in, who would have known I would want one some day!) I know that hanging every load of laundry for 6 people is next to impossible but even a couple loads a week would help. I will still try and bundle my errands into one trip. One thing that will change back though is the shower. I love my showers and it is the only real relaxing thing I do all day! Most days however are probably 7 minutes or less cause I am usually trying to beat the clock to someone getting up and needing my attention.

As far as purchases that will be needed immediately, right now I don't think anything is urgent. Grocery wise I will definately be getting some fresh fruit and cheese. I will need some other things like some baking supplies and such. Also, boys need haircuts. True, I could give them but it would be better to pay someone else! Also, I am sorry but February 1 we are getting Chinese for dinner!

I really feel like this has taught me to think before rushing out and buying something. I have been so proud of us for not giving in so far. Hopefully I will be saying the same thing in 10 days!


~Maria said...

Did I miss something or have you not had to buy milk yet? That would easily put me over $1 a day right there since we consume 2-3/week.

~Sara said...

We don't consume hardly any milk. 1 gallon a week probably. I have been conserving it a little. We started out the month with a little over 3 gallons. I will probably have to buy a gallon (or less) soon.

GP & GM Campbell said...

Bravo You really are doing it!!!!
We are so proud of you all...What family effort it seems to have been.
our Love Grandma & Gramps