Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day 3

Pretty easy day. Ran some errands in the morning. I had some returns to take in. All the stores were so crazy I didn't even want to check for any clearance items. I did hear someone mention in Wal-Mart about a bunch of toys they had on clearance. Part of me wanted to go see, but I didn't. I did score lots of good toy sales there last year at this time...

No money went out today. A few things I learned were I can dry a load of laundry on 40-50 minute setting on my dryer. I was in the habit of turning the timer to 80 min and walking away. So I have reduced my time by about 30 minutes per load. Also on the dishwasher since I usually pre rinse my dishes (now in cold water instead of hot) I can put my cycle on light instead of normal and they cleaned just fine. I also turned off the hot/dry button and the sanitize button. Pull open the door and let them air dry.

I dropped the house temp to 66 degrees throughout the day yesterday. No one ever complained. This morning however I am a little chilled. My thermometer reads 0 degrees outside. I think I will just go snuggle a child for warmth!

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GP & GM Campbell said...

Wow you are really doing it !!!
So proud of all of you.