Sunday, January 25, 2009

Homemade Bread

Today I am making homemade bread. It smells so yummy in here! Our bread supply is low and I really hate to go buy another loaf. I looked online to find some recipes and there are so many. I chose 2 different ones to compare. The first recipe only called for flour, yeast, salt and a dab of oil. You were suppose to form 2 loaves and just stick them on a cookie sheet to bake. They are pictured above. This recipe was super easy and required no real rising time. The second recipe called for flour, salt, sugar, oil, milk and yeast. You could either shape into balls for rolls or place in a bread pan. This one takes more time. 2 rising cycles before baking. I am making 2 loaves of each and we will see which one we like better. I know some of you make your own bread. Do you have a favorite recipe you use?


Anonymous said...

there is nothing better than home made bread!

The mom from Finland said...

For a bread that's really good for you, replace some of the flour with oatmeal and/or bran :) I also add a bit of syrup to my dough.