Thursday, January 8, 2009

Day 8

Well another day has passed. Not much exciting around here. We had kind of a tough morning. The little boys were not getting along and Drew is still sick. He has had 2 days now of a high fever. He has just wanted to snuggle alot which is kinda nice. Brodie on the other hand is feeling better and just wanted to run and play. He couldn't understand that mommy and Drew were not up for all that excitement.

Will got off early today since he was on call last week so I headed in to my moms shop to help for a couple hours. When I got home Will was making dinner. It was our normal evening chaos. Dinner, cleanup, chores. I did get to do some Origami with Tony. My sister gave him an Origami desk top calendar for Christmas. Tonight we accomplished 2 days. We made a wallet and a cup. It is pretty fun actually. We had to do each of them twice to get the hang of it. I will get pics up of them tomorrow.

It was nice to have a little one on one with Tone. I need to be better at that with both older boys. Its hard because the younger boys require so much attention all the time. It is very difficult for me to balance it all. It is something that really bothers me and I need to just schedule my time better. If only there was more hours in the day...

On a happier note it is Day 8 and the only money we have spent so far has been $1.24. We have paid for gas in both vehicles and our normal monthly bills but other than that we have spent nothing. I am excited about all the things I have learned and tried to change around the house since starting this challenge. I am also excited for the ideas we have for Spring to make our family a little more "green". For example we have plans to make a compost box and our own rain barrels to help water our garden. My sister has a pretty sweet rain barrel and I am hoping to copy hers!


Jennifer said...

Great job doing the 30 days of nothing. I did this in October and saved so much money. I like how you incorporated other environmental things in yours too. way to go!

The Ory's said...

Hope your little one feels better soon! And kudos for trying the 30 days of nothing! :)