Saturday, December 29, 2007

Drews First Haircut!

Well, I decided not to let Drew's hair grow as long as I let Brodie's. I got a lot of static about Brodie's hair looking like a mullet. Drew was getting there. His hair is a lot thinner than Brodie's, but was really long on the sides. Not too much on top though. Anyway, Will and I took him to get his first haircut at Great Clips yesterday. He sat in the chair by himself for a little while, then ended up having Will hold him, then back in the chair again. He was very squirmy and by the end of the cutting he was crying! He actually did relatively well I thought. They cut almost 2 inches off the sides! He looks like such a big kid now. It makes me kinda sad...

Friday, December 28, 2007

Woo Hoo! I'm Blogging!

It's so hard to keep everyone informed of all that happens around our busy house, so I thought (ok, Wills idea) I should start a blog. With all of our school events, doctors appointments and just everyday randomness I thought this would be a great way to keep everyone updated on our life! Plus it gives me a little down time just to let it all spill out if needed! I figured it was also a good way for me to keep track of things going on around here because I am always saying "I should write this stuff down". So here goes...

We had a wonderful, busy Christmas. We spent Christmas Eve with Wills dad and his family at our house. We had a visit from "Santa" that evening. He brought the boys some goodies and we were able to snap a few pictures. Wills sister Jenny stayed around and helped us put some last minutes gifts together and of course, help Will with his wrapping. Christmas morning we were awaken by Jake and Tony at 5:46am. I had requested the night before that we not be waken prior to 6am, but they thought 5:46am was close enough. We had a great time and the kids were all very excited. We went to my mothers at noonish and spent time with my brother and sister and their families. We spent Christmas evening at Will's moms. It was a whirlwind day but was finished off with some games and sitting around my in-laws fire place relaxing.
Thankfully Will has taken this entire week off so it has been nice to have him around to help out with the boys.