Saturday, December 29, 2007

Drews First Haircut!

Well, I decided not to let Drew's hair grow as long as I let Brodie's. I got a lot of static about Brodie's hair looking like a mullet. Drew was getting there. His hair is a lot thinner than Brodie's, but was really long on the sides. Not too much on top though. Anyway, Will and I took him to get his first haircut at Great Clips yesterday. He sat in the chair by himself for a little while, then ended up having Will hold him, then back in the chair again. He was very squirmy and by the end of the cutting he was crying! He actually did relatively well I thought. They cut almost 2 inches off the sides! He looks like such a big kid now. It makes me kinda sad...

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Mason said...

OK!, OK! Here's a comment. Great stuff reminding me of the three boys we had at that age & yes, two were 13 months apart, as well. Can be trying times with time flying, bruises, cuts, well I sure don't need to tell you about that. You're doing well BUT you need to take that time to watch the clouds go by from time to time or you'll end up like me. Mason