Thursday, April 29, 2010

I am still here. Things have been super crazy around here. We have spent the last 3 afternoon/evenings working outside on our chicken house and run. We are so close. Just have to put up the rest of the fencing on the run and it will be complete.

Wednesday we spent the day painting. It was a family event.Here is how it turned out. I just love it! I can't wait to move the girls into their new home.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A boy, tools and his grandpa. What more could you ask for?

Homemade Flower Pot

It is Earth Week and we are learning lots of new things this week about how to take care of our planet. Today we made these earthy flower pots using milk jugs. We glued green and blue felt on them to show our land and water. I cut small holes in the bottom and lined it with rock. Then we filled it up with potting soil and planted our flowers. I let the boys pick out what flowers they wanted from the store today and they came home with purple Pansies (Brodie, he thought they looked kinda blue) and yellow Pansies for Drew (Everything for this boy is yellow, see the new yellow sandles?)

Tony joined us when he got home and made one too. I am not sure how long the felt will last, I am keeping them under the awning outside. For now they look pretty good!Linked to Showcase Friday at Ramblings of a Crazy Woman.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Another weekend has come and gone. We had alot going on this past weekend. We helped out my grandparents both Friday night and Saturday. They are moving and we got some stuff off their hands and also Will helped them move some items.

Sunday we spent the entire day working on the chicken house. It is almost finished! I love it. Here are some updated pictures.

Brodie climbing on the nesting poles.My pretty nesting boxes. Hanging the door!Almost done...I think Grandpa Joel is heading down today after Will gets home from work to help finish it up. Then all we will have to do is the run and I have to paint. The chickens should be ready to move out sometime this week or next.

I am excited that its Earth Week. I am feeling alot better and finally have planned out a fun week with the kids. I haven't been feeling like doing much lately so our learning time has been pretty slim. I think I am finally getting over that hump in my pregnancy and I actually have some cool crafts and activities to do to celebrate our Earth this week!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

First Track Meet of the Season

Jake had his first track meet Tuesday. He did really well. His team got 2nd place in the 4x800 Relay and 3rd place in the Sprint Medley and 4x100 Relay.Even with a broken arm, he is still fast!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

We had a very productive weekend. While I would LOVE to say the chicken house is done, it's not. Turns out this is the most elaborate chicken house in town. It is taking a wee bit longer than I thought it would putting it together. Here are the updated pictures. It now has a roof, complete with shingles. The nesting area has been cut out and just needs built. The door is done, just new the correct hinges to put it up. The vent on the back is cut and almost complete. The storage area is built and just needs the doors cut out. The trim is up and caulked.
We still need to cut out the chicken door and make that, finish the nesting boxes and make the run. Whew, seems like alot. Pretty sure I am not going to make my April 15th deadline. I am hoping to be done in the next 2 weeks so I can move the girls outside. They are getting pretty big and have even been flying around the tub! See how much different they look? Remember they use to look like this.Brahma.
Barred Plymouth Rock.
Buff Orpington.
Also this weekend I was happy to get my Spring crops in. Peas, lettuce, spinach, onions and garlic. I can't wait to see them start coming up!

Friday, April 9, 2010

I am so glad it is the weekend! I am excited because this weekend Will and the guys are going to be working more on the chicken house and run. I am eager to get it done. I am hoping to move the birds out in a couple weeks. They have changed so much! They are getting bigger and their soft down is disappearing and they are getting in their feathers. I will post pics in the next couple of days.

While the guys are building I am hoping to get my cool weather crops in the garden. Here's to a productive weekend!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Baby Figgins is due to arrive November 7, 2010.

Juicy Details...
We are almost 10 weeks along. There is only ONE baby (we had an ultrasound already!) I have been feeling ok. VERY tired and some nausea. Worse than with Drew but better than when I was pregnant with Brodie. Can't remember how sick I was with Jake and Tony. The kids are all excited...maybe shocked is more the correct word as was mom and Dad!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Weekend

We had a wonderful Easter weekend. Saturday we woke up early and went to a pancake breakfast at the fire station with my Dad, step mom and brother and grandparents. After filling our bellies we headed home to get to work on the chicken house. It was a great day for building.

During all the construction the kids and I along with grandma and my friend Stefany and her son came inside to color some Easter eggs.It was a long day and the guys did a great job on the chicken house. Easter morning we woke up to a backyard full of eggs. The boys really wanted to run outside but unfortunately Will was on call and had been on a page since 6:30am. Finally about 9:15am the kids could head out to collect their eggs and baskets.The rest of the morning was spent indulging in candy.Will and Joel got a little more work done on the chicken house before we all headed over to my mothers for dinner. It was nice spending time with my brother and sisters families. The kids had a great time playing outside.

Hope you had a great Easter weekend too.

Chicken Coop Building

Over the weekend we were lucky enough to have some wonderful help (THANK YOU Jason, Scott, Jeff, Grandpa Joel and of course my dear husband) building my chicken coop. It isn't finished yet but it is well on its way. The house is 8'x6' and will provide my girls with plenty of room!

We still have lots of work to do. The nesting boxes and storage area need to be built, the door needs cut out, the roof needs shingled and there is lots of trim work to be done. We also need to set up the run and get that all fenced in.

Here are the pictures.The boys spent the entire day outside working with the guys. Will even hooked them up with their own wood and nails.
When they weren't building they were digging.
And here is how it looked Sunday morning when the kids went out hunting for Easter eggs.I think it will fit in nicely!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Chicken Day

To celebrate our new chickens I took the opportunity to visit my favorite bakery! The kids laughed when I pulled these out for dessert the other night after getting our chicks.