Friday, April 9, 2010

I am so glad it is the weekend! I am excited because this weekend Will and the guys are going to be working more on the chicken house and run. I am eager to get it done. I am hoping to move the birds out in a couple weeks. They have changed so much! They are getting bigger and their soft down is disappearing and they are getting in their feathers. I will post pics in the next couple of days.

While the guys are building I am hoping to get my cool weather crops in the garden. Here's to a productive weekend!


Alexis said...

We just bought a couple of baby chicks and they are super cute! I was checking out the pictures of your Chicken house below and it looks like it will be awesome! My sister in law bought a chicken and I thought....why not??

Momma Such said...

Good luck this weekend! I hope you get everything accomplished. :)

Have a great weekend! :)