Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Weekend

We had a wonderful Easter weekend. Saturday we woke up early and went to a pancake breakfast at the fire station with my Dad, step mom and brother and grandparents. After filling our bellies we headed home to get to work on the chicken house. It was a great day for building.

During all the construction the kids and I along with grandma and my friend Stefany and her son came inside to color some Easter eggs.It was a long day and the guys did a great job on the chicken house. Easter morning we woke up to a backyard full of eggs. The boys really wanted to run outside but unfortunately Will was on call and had been on a page since 6:30am. Finally about 9:15am the kids could head out to collect their eggs and baskets.The rest of the morning was spent indulging in candy.Will and Joel got a little more work done on the chicken house before we all headed over to my mothers for dinner. It was nice spending time with my brother and sisters families. The kids had a great time playing outside.

Hope you had a great Easter weekend too.

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