Sunday, August 31, 2008

Anyone could tell that I have a house full of boys because every room in the house has at least 1 LEGO, 1 Nerf gun dart, and 1 rubber fish on the floor...

Friday, August 29, 2008

Well, it is 6:10am and as I type I have Brodie sitting on my lap. He is such an early bird. I thought that I was doing good getting up early enough to get myself ready for the day but it is rare that I get to do that because he is usually joining me. At least the last few weeks he has been sneaking out of his room without waking his little brother. Drew sleeps a little later, usually to about 7ish. Still not as late as I would like but oh well. My older 2 children were great sleepers as little children, my younger 2 children, not so much. I guess 50% isn't bad.

It's Friday! And it is a long weekend. We are going to be doing different family events. Hopefully I can be semi-productive at home too. I am really needing to get the garages cleaned because Winter will be here before we know it. I have to get rid of some stuff or we will never be able to park in there!

I would really like to do some stuff with Tony too. I feel sorry for him because he is totally getting the shaft I think. The little boys require so much attention that it is rare that I have time for anything else until they go to bed, and then it is time for him to get ready for bed. And Jake, well he is so wrapped up in his own school life right now that nothing else really matters to him. So there is Tony just kinda left there. I have been feeling extremely guilty about that. So, maybe he and I can do something together this weekend.

Jake successfully got through his first day of Football. Practice actually starts on Monday but he has training camp today and tomorrow. He was pretty pumped and I got a kick out of him when he got into the van last night. He said "I am done drinking pop. I gotta get my body in shape. All I can drink is milk, water, and Gaterade. For every pop I get caught drinking by my coaches I have to do up downs." I was like ok, cool. He is already taking this pretty seriously. And of course I am happy about the decision to not drink pop. We will see if it lasts!

Well, I have a hungry boy. Have a good day and a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yesterday was a dark rainy day so much of it was spent inside. We rearranged the living room, went through the toy box and discovered toys we haven't seen in a while, colored and read books. We also ran a few errands.

Thankfully the sun came out in the afternoon so we were able to enjoy the outside and Brodie could ride his ride on tractor that he is completely nuts about right now. It is pretty funny cause it is actually for a littler child I think because his knees stick way out but he just loves it. And Drew, well he is attached to a Barbie bike that I got at a garage sale. All the trikes that we have and these are what they always choose.

Last night was suppose to be family night but we got a late start and with school now everyone has to be in bed by a decent hour. So, we ended up at the library and then got a pizza.

Jake starts his football camp today. He gets his pads issued tomorrow and then starts his official practice on Monday. He will have practice everyday of the week. We have to pick him up from school at 5:30pm each night except Wednesdays and he has to go in early that day. It seems so weird for him to be in school ball. I am so excited and nervous for him. He hasn't had the best attitude in the past so hopefully that changes. He likes one of his coaches who is also a teacher so that should help. He is going to be so exhasted when he gets home. I am hoping this is a good experience for him. He is playing wide receiver so I am a little nervous about the tackling thing but I guess it is football he is playing.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Motherly Instincts

I had a conversation with a friend of mine the other day. She just had a new baby and she was commenting on how the first night with him she woke at every tiny gurgle he made. She couldn't understand what made her hear it but she did and she was instantly wide awake.

Lately I have been so tired that I have been sleeping through Will's alarm clock that sits right next to my side of the bed that goes off every morning at 5am. I have always been the one to turn it off and stay awake until he finally rolls out of bed. But lately, no way.

The other night somehow our bedroom door got shut and so was the little boys room door (usually ours is left open). But some how in the middle of the night I was jolted a wake by the faint cry of Drew. I have absolutely no idea how I heard him but I did. I find it interesting that I can't wake to an alarm next to the bed but any noise the kids make, even now that they are older I am still instantly awake. I remember being that way when they were newborns laying in the bassinet next to my bed. Every tiny grunt or noise woke me.

Anyway, that was on my mind this early morning and I thought I would blog about it. I have been awake with Brodie since 4am. He was up because he has a terrible cough and there was no way he was going back to sleep. I made him a bed on the couch and one for me on the floor but his cough was so bad neither of us could sleep. So, Cars was the answer. He watched almost all of that and then asked if he could go sleep in his room. He is in there now but still coughing terribly. Poor guy, looks like it is going to be a long day.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The last 2 days have been beautiful. I am definitely ready for Fall weather. This is my favorite time of the year. The kids and I could live outside. I dread what Winter is going to bring with all of us being cooped up in the house. I need to start thinking of things that we can do to keep us busy. Drew is at a really tough age right now. He is into everything and really just pretty much loves destroying things. Hopefully in the next few months things will improve.

My little darlings are asleep right now. I am having the dilemma of should I take a nap or should I be productive. If it wasn't such a gorgeous day out I would for sure be sleeping. **Sigh** I guess I should get something done. Brodie is only taking a nap about every 3 days now so I should take advantage of it. Off to work...

Monday, August 25, 2008

We had a nice weekend. Saturday we spent the day getting things done around the house. I mowed the yard and Will cut down our tree that he chopped down awhile ago. We both worked in the garden. It looks like things are starting to die off a little. I would work a little harder at trying to save some of the plants but we have gotten SO MUCH produce this year I am just kinda letting it be. My pumpkins are still growing great and I think I am going to have enough of them for everyone to carve one. How cool is that? We will still make the annual trip to the Pumpkin Patch, I will just be spending a lot less this year.

Saturday night we drove to Slater to spend some time with my friend Jill and her family. The kids had a great time playing. Between the 2 families we have 7 kids! 6 boys and 1 girl. So we were a little out numbered. But everyone got along great and we had a good time catching up.

Sunday Will and I canned. We canned ALOT! It was pretty fun. I can't believe the amount of cucumbers we have gotten this year. We ended up canning 12 quarts and 3 pints of pickles. I still had 2 sacks for Will to take to work that had about 20 cucs in them total. Amazing. I told Will we needed to eat about 1 1/2 jars of pickles per month for the next year! Will also made 9 jars of Salsa that we canned and 3 for the fridge! Last week we canned 12 quarts of tomatoes so we should be pretty set until next year. I should be done canning now except for my peaches. Hoping that I get enough of them to can. I definitely am going to need another shelf downstairs for storage!

Last night we spent our evening at the DMACC pond. We took our dinner there and ate. Brodie and Drew rode their bikes, Jake fished and Tony searched for frogs. It was a beautiful evening and it was a relaxing way to end the weekend. Of course we had to stop for $1 icecream cones on the way home. We happened to run into Mom and Joel and Jen so they stopped by for a few minutes before they headed back home. It was a full day!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Wow, we have had a busy couple of days. Yesterday I had to take both older boys in for a physical. They are healthy and doing great. Tony is not underweight according to my Dr he just "likes hanging out in the 25th percentile". I have been a little worried about his appetite lately but the Dr. seems to think he is still growing ok. He does think however that the mole on his head that we had looked at a couple months ago needs to come off. It is bleeding again and since it keeps getting irritated he thinks we should remove it. So, I will be looking into getting that done once we get a little caught up on our bills and have some extra cash flow to put towards more medical bills. There is always something it seems.

Also yesterday our friends Jason and Stefany had their baby. It was a boy and he is absolutely perfect. We stopped up there to meet him and then I went again tonight to spend a little bit more time with the new family.

Today the little boys and I went to the Y and then to some garage sales. I got some pretty good deals. Now I am off to watch the Olympics with my husband who has been hounding me for the last hour to RELAX. As we all know I have a hard time doing so but I am going to go try!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Just an update on Drew. He went into the Dr. today. He is still complaining off and on about his head, ears, and eyes hurting. He is definately better today then what he was on Monday. The doctor ran some blood tests which were all normal. He thinks he possibly could have viral meningitis or just some other sort of virus. Since he has been light sensitive he also thought he possibly could be having a migraine. Very strange. So, the plan is to wait another week or so. If he continues to complain he will order an MRI of his brain. Or if anything changes like his mental status, walking or not being able to focus ect I am suppose to call right away. I am hoping and thinking that he is on the mend and that it was just some really strange virus. It is Drew and strange things happen to Drew!

As for his finger that got smashed, it is starting to get pretty infected so he put him on oral antibiotics for 10 days. If for some reason his headaches were due to strep or some other bacterial thing hopefully this medicine should take care of that too.

Yesterday was the boys first day of school. It went really well just hot they said. Jake and Tony both seem to like their teachers. They were pretty giddy when they got home.

Will took yesterday off. We had a nice day. We ended up taking Brodie and Drew out to Big Creek. We took the boat. The boys did really great considering we were out there for about 2 1/2 hours. It was beautiful and the perfect day to go because we only saw about 3 other boats. We had a picnic lunch on the boat and then did a little fishing. Will caught a couple fish but Brodie once again was more occupied playing with the box of worms! We drove around the lake and then headed home. Both boys were sound asleep by the time we made it back home!

Will went back to work today and the kids will be off to school soon. I guess I need to get back on some kind of routine of my own. I am hoping to start back to the Y. I haven't been there since before our vacation at the end of July. It is hard to get back in the swing of things but I know I will feel better if I start going again.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

We had a good day today. Pretty lazy really. Will and his buddy Jeff were up till 4am playing video games so no one really was too active before noon today. Even I was a little lazy. Brodie and Drew were up at 6:15am and Drew was down for a nap by 8am. Then Brodie just watched a movie while I snoozed on and off on the couch.

I made an awesome lunch of pancakes, bacon, eggs, sausage and toast. Pretty good I must say. Then I got some cleaning and stuff done while the guys played yet more video games! We actually went out to dinner tonight. The guys, including the older two boys and Jakes friend were going to go bowling. We decided to take our chances and I went along with the little boys. We got one game in. It was a little chaotic but thankfully we were the only ones in the entire bowling alley so that made it so much more tolerable! I headed home and the older guys stayed and played another game. It was pretty fun and all the kids had a great time. This was Brodie's first time playing and he had a blast.

Jeff is leaving in the morning. Will has to have him at the airport at 5:30am. Will took the day off Monday and Tuesday so that will be nice. I am hoping to get some canning done. My other goal is to get Jakes room clean.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Update on Drew...I took him in to the doctor this morning because he is still periodically holding his ears and his head. They couldn't find anything wrong with him. His ear tubes looked good and are still in place. She thought it might be a reaction to the wasp stings. I am just suppose to watch him through the weekend.

As for his finger. It is pretty swollen and purple today. The doctor thought it could possibly be broken on the tip. But as suspected there isn't much they would do unless it is affecting the growth plate. I am suppose to give that time too and come back if it isn't getting better. So pretty much it was a huge waste of time to go in. But I guess I know it isn't his ears. I figured Monday I would call my own Pediatrician and talk to him if things aren't improved.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Ok seriously the last 20 hours in this house have been a nightmare. Here's what happened today...Brodie thought it would be funny at lunchtime to shove a piece of apple in his nose. Except it got stuck and was "poking" him. After making him try and blow his nose and sneezing about a million times I decided it might be stuck in there for awhile and had better put a call in to our Pediatrician. I could see it but it was way up in there. The nurse called me back and said we needed to be seen by ENT and so she called over there. It was noon of course so they were going to work us in but we needed to come NOW. So, I threw Brodie in the car and off we headed. Thankfully it didn't take very long but it was brutal trying to make him hold still long enough to get it out. Let's just day I worked up a sweat. I hope he learned his lesson. Although probably not so much cause the doctor gave him jelly beans and stickers when we left telling him, "you can have these candies but don't stick them up your nose". I was like nothing like making this a POSITIVE experience for him.

Then tonight I thought I was going to have to take Drew to the ER. Tony was trying to get him to not go into my bedroom and slammed Drew's pinky finger in the door. When I first looked at it the tip was bent to the side and all the skin on the bottom of the finger was torn. I thought for sure he broke the tip. It looked a little better after awhile but he is still unable to move it. I will see how it looks in the morning but we might be taking a trip. Although, I am not really sure what they could do for him. I guess we will see. As if Drew hasn't had enough injuries in the last few days. He was also holding his ears tonight saying they hurt so we might be heading in no matter what. Of course Will was gone tonight so I had to have Jake run over and get my mom who was thankfully home. At one point I was holding Drew who was screaming in pain, Tony who was sobbing and feeling absolutely horrible and Brodie who was scared of the whole situation and trying to console everyone. Obviously I didn't have enough lap space or arms available so she came and sat with us while I got everything back under control.

So, that was my day. Hope everyone else's was a bit calmer. I am off to bed because who knows what tomorrow will bring...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Poor Drew had a terrible day today. I got Brodie down for a nap after lunch (finally, he has had no nap for 3 days) and thought Drew and I could have a little fun outside. We went out to the front deck and I was snipping some flowers to put in a vase when I heard him scream. A scream so horrifying I knew there was something terribly wrong. I ran over to get him and he was at the top of the stairs with about 8 wasps swirling around him. I grabbed him and ran inside. He was crying so hard I couldn't tell where all he had gotten stung. They started to welt and I counted 5 stings. 2 on his ear, 1 on his forehead and 2 on his hand. It was awful.

I ended up calling My Nurse, just to make sure there wasn't anything I was forgetting. I always second guess myself when it comes to my own kids. She told me what to watch for and to put a mixture of baking soda and water on the welts to neutralize the venom. I did that and it seemed to work pretty well. I also gave him washcloths soaked in ice water and he held them on his ear and head. It was so sad. We just snuggled in the chair the rest of the afternoon.

Will came home and found a huge wasp nest right under the railing. He must have grabbed onto the post next to it. So, needless to say that nest is gone.

Then while I was gone this afternoon with Jake he fell outside with Will and hit his nose on the deck. He got a pretty good bloody nose out of that ordeal. Will said it was good I wasn't home to witness that. I swear, if it is going to happen it happens to Drew. He is going to be the toughest boy I know.

On a lighter note, Will's friend arrived safely this afternoon. He will be staying with us until Monday. They have had a good time catching up and plan to go to a Cubs game tomorrow night. I took Jake this afternoon up to school to drop off his school supplies and find his locker and new classrooms. That was pretty exciting. He changes rooms for every class this year. Something he hasn't experienced yet. It took me about an hour to get him out of there. He was happy to see all his buddies and some of the teachers from last year. I was happy for him. He is such a good kid.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Today was a busy day. The little boys and I were at the park in Ankeny by 8:50am this morning. Right off the bat when they woke up they were pushing each other down and stealing each others toys. So, I loaded them up and off we went. We ate our snack there and then headed home. Brodie and I shucked (sp?) corn. He thought that was pretty nifty. He was surprised everytime to find corn inside all the "wrappers". It was pretty cute.

I made a sack lunch and we headed downtown and had lunch with Will. We drove to Gray's Lake and ate there. There is alot of landscaping going on there due to all the flooding they saw. After lunch I put the little boys down and Jake kept an eye on them so I could mow the yard and get some gardening done. I am really going to miss them when they go back to school. They have helped out a lot this Summer. Tony is enjoying his last few days of Summer up at Grandma Marys house. He is hanging out with Aunt Jenny.

This evening we ate dinner with my step brother and then headed to the grocery store. Will's friend Jeff is coming to visit us for a few days so we are getting prepared for that. We have done a little cleaning tonight(ok alot of cleaning) and now it is time to relax for the first time all day finally at midnight!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Our Vacation~Day 8 Heading Home...

I set the alarm for 5:30am. I woke up before everyone else and made coffee and just sat and watched the water for a bit. Then of course I hit the ground running. Everyone helped out and we got the boat and vehicles packed, the coolers packed and the cabin cleaned. We had just enough time before we had to check out to sit outside and have a cup of coffee.

We left about 10:30. It was cloudy and drizzling so it made it not quite so tough to leave compared to if we had the beautiful weather we had the rest of the week. Plus, I knew I was coming back next year so that was a good feeling.

We had a LONG ride home. The longest I have ever had I think. Drew is not such a great traveler. He is waaay to busy to be stuck in a carseat. And he was letting us know it. We stopped frequently to get him out. Thankfully he and Brodie both fell asleep not too long after we left in the morning but then he was up for the rest of the ride home.

About the only comical moment in the van ride home was with Tony. When we were about 45 minutes from home he was in the backseat just cracking up. Giggling and whispering to Jake. Then I saw him pass a book over the seat and ask Jake if he wanted to learn how to make "tasty testicles?" I seriously thought I misheard him. I asked him to repeat himself and he said that is what it says in this book. Well, this book was a book grandpa had bought him at the outlet mall earlier in the day. I read the section and it was a recipe on how to make goat testicles. I rolled my eyes and gave it back. Not knowing that I should have read a few more pages ahead cause then I heard Tony say "oh my gosh, look a this Jake" I grabbed the book to see the next topic in the book Tony was reading was how to judge a women's cup size! I about died! I confiscated the book for good this time! Obviously Grandpa had no idea what he bought! No offense Joel :) So, if you come across the book 211 Things a Bright Boy Can Do I highly recommend you not but it unless you are over the age of 21! LOL!

We arrived home at about 7:30pm. We couldn't wait to get out of that van! All in all we had a wonderful trip and I can't wait to do it again next year. Oh and the winner of the bass competition...surprise surprise Jake. With a total of 60 1/2 bass for the week! Way to go Jake. The total bass caught as a group was 176. Amazing. As for keeper sunfish that we brought home. My numbers got a little confusing but we came home with around 200 fish. We will have plenty of fish to fry!

Our Vacation~Day 7

(See Day 6 below)
Saturday. The gang went fishing again that morning. I am pretty sure it was Jen, Mom, Joel and Will. I am not much of a morning fisher woman so I was fine staying back at the cabin and enjoying my morning sitting outside by the water. I did take the kids to the park and on a walk. I was taking it all in knowing that this was our last day.

The afternoon was sleepy for most of the crew. I know Drew himself slept for like 4 1/2 hours that day. Joel, Will and the two older boys watched a movie. I couldn't bring myself to sit down and watch a movie. I did a little packing then sat out on the dock for awhile and ended my afternoon with a nice long walk. It is always a bummer knowing you have to leave the next day. I just love it up there so much I could stay forever.

We ate our dinner at the Lodge that evening. There is a steakhouse right there on the resort. The food is pretty decent and it has always been a tradition in my family to eat there the night before you leave. After enjoying our dinner we went back to the cabin and Will and I and the 2 older kids set out to go fishing. Our evening was cut short due to a storm that moved in. We only spent about 30 minutes on the lake. We sat outside and watched the storm move in. There was some pretty crazy looking clouds. It always amazes me how you can see the rain move toward you across the lake. It rained pretty hard for a short while and then the sun came out and it cooled off nicely.

We decided to end the night playing Settlers of Catan and Pinochle. Settlers is a board game that we have come to love playing. It was a great day, but I was a little sad when we all went to bed that night...

Our Vacation~Day 6

Friday. We just hung out most of the morning. Will and I and the two younger boys took a tour on the lake. We rode over to the bigger lake and drove around. (Ten Mile Lake has 2 lakes, little and big. The only way to get to the bigger side without taking your boat out of the water is to go under the bridge.) It was awesome. The little boys did great. They liked looking over the edge watching the water. Brodie was a little bit tired and ended up falling asleep on the tour. He was nodding off sitting on the bench so I held him and he fell right to sleep! I don't blame him, it was very relaxing.

While on the boat ride Will came up with the idea to rent a pontoon boat for the evening and have all nine of us go out fishing together. Every night we had to divide up who would go fishing and who would stay back at the cabin and this solved that problem. They had the boat available and we got a discounted rate so it worked great. Will and Joel ran into Dalton to get some beverages, I packed some sandwiches and a diaper bag and we were off.

We ended up anchoring in a shady area and enjoyed some wine and cheese. Yes, it was very snobbish and yes it was a good time! The boys, all 5 of them got off the boat and went swimming. After that adventure we drove over to some reeds and did a little fishing. Once again JAKE was the only one to catch anything and of course it was a bass. All 4 of the kids each took a turn at the wheel of the boat. Tony's favorite part was the fish finder. He would tell us when one popped up on the screen.

When we got home that evening we had a fire. The guys succeeded in their mission called Operation Midnight Sun. What is that? Let's just say it involved a whole lot of Sparklers Brodie's plastic boat and some innocent plastic army guys. It deserves a blog of it's own and in Will's own words.

Bass total for the day...
Jake 1
Grandpa 4
Dad 9
Grandma 2

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Our Vacation~Day 5

(Day 4 is below)
Thursday already. Mom, Joel and Will had good intentions of fishing this morning but the weather kept them in. We had a small thunderstorm move through. Will was already up so he took care of the boys for a bit while I could get caught up on some sleep. Both Brodie and Drew woke up almost every morning with the sun. Of course, that is really no different than home. They have both always been early risers.

Mom and Jen went into Fergus Falls to do some laundry and a little shopping. Grandpa Joel took Jake and Tony to the bridge to do some fishing and Will and I took Brodie and Drew over to the beach. Will made a cool sandcastle that the little boys enjoyed destroying. They pretended they were monsters and demolished it. Will and I being the dorks that we are had a long jump competetion. We drew lines in the sand and made a starting point. We took off running and then marked where we landed. I am sure anyone who saw us thought we were completely off our rockers. Don't worry I have it all on video camera so maybe some day you will be able to see it! It really was fun!

Will and the older boys made fishing lures that afternoon. Will had gotten them each a kit and they had to paint it and put it together. I am not sure if they ever actually finished them but the boys had a good time painting them.

That evening we sent mom and Joel out on the boat by themselves and the rest of us went up to the bridge and fished. The fishing wasn't great for us up there. Of course Jake caught a couple bass that Brodie loved to pet. But other than a few small ones it wasn't that great. Mom and Joel came back with some in their basket. And Mom caught her first bass! Jen also caught her first bass today. I am not sure she wants to claim it as I think it might have been a little on the small side! We enjoyed a fire that night and Will, Mom and I saw the most amazing shooting star we have ever seen. Of course that led into a deep conversation about aliens and such! We decided we had better head off to bed.

P.S. I had to post the picture of Tony's mustache that Jake drew on him. I have no idea how it came about. All I know is that it was permanent marker and I think I was the only one who thought is WAS NOT funny. Thankfully with some scrubbing it came off. I guess I can laugh about it now.

Total bass count for this day...

Jake 12

Grandpa 7

Dad 4

Jen 1

Grandma 1

Our Vacation~Day4

Wednesday was a busy day for us. The morning started off with Mom, Jen, Joel, Jake and Will fishing. I think they all had a really good time. Jen caught a turtle! And Grandpa got the award for the littles bass so far.

The weather once again was beautiful. Tony slept in a little and the little boys and I went for a nice long walk. We came back to the cabin and decided to make breakfast. When the adults came back from fishing they were amazed that I could make breakfast while entertaining the boys. Thank goodness for Play-dough and a radio. That entertained them for almost an hour so I could cook. We had a nice breakfast and everyone scattered off for a late morning nap.

In the afternoon Will and I went out on the boat with just Brodie. The older kids were busy doing something else. And Drew stayed with Mom and Jen. We had a great time. We started off just driving around the lake, but then we decided to stop in a nice shady spot and fish. Brodie was AWESOME! He did everything but cast his poll in the water and take the fish off. He had a great time and I was quite impressed with his fishing skills already. He was reeling them in right and left. They were just little sunnies but to him they were really huge!

We also painted rocks that afternoon. I had brought some paint from home and everyone but grandpa I think painted at least one . It was a lot of fun and their was some pretty cool looking rocks. Jen of course blew us all out of the water with her rock. She painted the scenery from the picnic table in front of the cabin. It really was amazing. She is so talented. Unfortunately I can't post all the rock pics here so I will do a slideshow later so you can see everyones creation.

That evening we had a fish fry! It was yummy. Mary made potatoes and onions on the fire and I fried the fish. After dinner Jake, Tony, Will and I went out on the lake. It was nice to be the 4 of us. According to Tony "the original 4". The fishing as usual was great and Tony finally caught his first bass of the year! He was really getting discouraged but finally he landed one and he was pretty excited!

We caught a total of 66 blue gill that day. The bass count for Day 4 was as follows...

Jake 13

Grandpa 3

Dad 8

Mom 2

Tony 1

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Our Vacation~Day 3...

Once again Will and Joel got up early and went fishing. Jake stayed behind ex hasted from all the fish he caught the day before! The guys decided to have their own little bass tournament so Jake made a poster to hang on the fridge and placed tally marks every time someone caught a bass. The total count at the end of the first day was...

Jake 20 1/2

Grandpa 9

Dad 14 1/2

Mom 8

How can you catch 1/2 of a bass you ask? Well, Jake had the bass on his line and it snapped. A little while later Will caught the same bass. It actually had Jake's leader and worm dangling out of it's mouth. So, they split that one!

The rest of us stayed back at the cabin and enjoyed the morning while the guys fished. Once again the weather was gorgeous and we had a great time just watching the kids enjoying themselves. I took the little boys for a walk and found some firewood. Tony was ex hasted and slept till like 11:30 that day. I think that is the latest I have ever seen him sleep!

Fishing was great once again that evening and by the time we came in from fishing we had 2 hours of cleaning to do at the fish house. We had a fire and cooked s'mores. It was a really nice night.

The total bass count for Day 2...

Jake 10

Grandpa 20

Dad 2

Mom 3

The bluegill fishing was amazing and we caught 122 fish in 2 days. And that is just what we cleaned! We threw 10 times as many back into the lake. I don't remember the fishing ever being this great. It was only the second full day and we were ready to have a fish fry!