Friday, August 29, 2008

Well, it is 6:10am and as I type I have Brodie sitting on my lap. He is such an early bird. I thought that I was doing good getting up early enough to get myself ready for the day but it is rare that I get to do that because he is usually joining me. At least the last few weeks he has been sneaking out of his room without waking his little brother. Drew sleeps a little later, usually to about 7ish. Still not as late as I would like but oh well. My older 2 children were great sleepers as little children, my younger 2 children, not so much. I guess 50% isn't bad.

It's Friday! And it is a long weekend. We are going to be doing different family events. Hopefully I can be semi-productive at home too. I am really needing to get the garages cleaned because Winter will be here before we know it. I have to get rid of some stuff or we will never be able to park in there!

I would really like to do some stuff with Tony too. I feel sorry for him because he is totally getting the shaft I think. The little boys require so much attention that it is rare that I have time for anything else until they go to bed, and then it is time for him to get ready for bed. And Jake, well he is so wrapped up in his own school life right now that nothing else really matters to him. So there is Tony just kinda left there. I have been feeling extremely guilty about that. So, maybe he and I can do something together this weekend.

Jake successfully got through his first day of Football. Practice actually starts on Monday but he has training camp today and tomorrow. He was pretty pumped and I got a kick out of him when he got into the van last night. He said "I am done drinking pop. I gotta get my body in shape. All I can drink is milk, water, and Gaterade. For every pop I get caught drinking by my coaches I have to do up downs." I was like ok, cool. He is already taking this pretty seriously. And of course I am happy about the decision to not drink pop. We will see if it lasts!

Well, I have a hungry boy. Have a good day and a wonderful weekend.

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