Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yesterday was a dark rainy day so much of it was spent inside. We rearranged the living room, went through the toy box and discovered toys we haven't seen in a while, colored and read books. We also ran a few errands.

Thankfully the sun came out in the afternoon so we were able to enjoy the outside and Brodie could ride his ride on tractor that he is completely nuts about right now. It is pretty funny cause it is actually for a littler child I think because his knees stick way out but he just loves it. And Drew, well he is attached to a Barbie bike that I got at a garage sale. All the trikes that we have and these are what they always choose.

Last night was suppose to be family night but we got a late start and with school now everyone has to be in bed by a decent hour. So, we ended up at the library and then got a pizza.

Jake starts his football camp today. He gets his pads issued tomorrow and then starts his official practice on Monday. He will have practice everyday of the week. We have to pick him up from school at 5:30pm each night except Wednesdays and he has to go in early that day. It seems so weird for him to be in school ball. I am so excited and nervous for him. He hasn't had the best attitude in the past so hopefully that changes. He likes one of his coaches who is also a teacher so that should help. He is going to be so exhasted when he gets home. I am hoping this is a good experience for him. He is playing wide receiver so I am a little nervous about the tackling thing but I guess it is football he is playing.


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Jill said...

I hear you on the tackling. Christian has been practicing with pads for a week now. He tackled someone incorrectly, at which point his coach *tried* to demonstrate the correct procedure and somehow he accidently whacked Christian in the mouth and made him bleed. First injury of the season, coach inflicted. You gotta love that! Get us a game schedule, maybe we'll come out for one. Good luck!!!