Friday, August 22, 2008

Wow, we have had a busy couple of days. Yesterday I had to take both older boys in for a physical. They are healthy and doing great. Tony is not underweight according to my Dr he just "likes hanging out in the 25th percentile". I have been a little worried about his appetite lately but the Dr. seems to think he is still growing ok. He does think however that the mole on his head that we had looked at a couple months ago needs to come off. It is bleeding again and since it keeps getting irritated he thinks we should remove it. So, I will be looking into getting that done once we get a little caught up on our bills and have some extra cash flow to put towards more medical bills. There is always something it seems.

Also yesterday our friends Jason and Stefany had their baby. It was a boy and he is absolutely perfect. We stopped up there to meet him and then I went again tonight to spend a little bit more time with the new family.

Today the little boys and I went to the Y and then to some garage sales. I got some pretty good deals. Now I am off to watch the Olympics with my husband who has been hounding me for the last hour to RELAX. As we all know I have a hard time doing so but I am going to go try!

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