Friday, January 2, 2009

Day 2

So far, so good. I was in and out of the shower before the 7 minute timer went off this morning! 7 minutes is actually longer than I thought. The only problem might be on the days I shave. Will said I should just do one leg a day! LOL.

We had a nice quiet morning this morning. Brodie has come down with a terrible cough and was up in the middle of the night getting sick. This led to a chain reaction of events that lasted over 2 hours before he finally fell back asleep. Only to sleep for 2 more hours. So much on the cutting back of laundry. I had sheets and lots of towels and blankets to clean this morning. Oh well. I did find this link that I thought was helpful
- here. One of the tips there is to run your appliances on "non peak hours" and we already do that so I was happy to see that we were doing some things right already.

Our meal plan was easy today. Granola bars and fruit for breakfast. No one wanted a morning snack. Then we had PB&J sandwiches and oranges for lunch. Tonight we celebrated my moms 60th birthday at my sisters house. We had pizza and onion rings which were awesome. We chipped in $20.00 for the food. Not really a necessity item but we had already agreed to share the cost with my siblings before we started our 30 days of nothing experiment.

Total money spent today...$20.00


juliecache said...

Dude, don't shave. You could be a natural woman.

juliecache said...

I am very struck by this challenge. I may save this for Lent. I was inspired enough by you to send the 30daysofnothing url to quite a few people.