Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day 27

Yesterday was a relatively quiet day for us. If you can really say that with 4 boys in the house. 5 actually because Jake had a friend over after school. I took the little boys to the library in the morning. Yes, by myself. This is the first time I have done it in awhile. I wouldn't say it went great but it was manageable. There was a little fighting and pouting over the train table.

After that we headed to the mall to play on the indoor play equipment there. That was not fun because there was some children in there that were completely loud and the parents were doing nothing. And to top it off the wonderful smelly goodness of Auntie Annies pretzels is right by the play thing. My favorite. We only stayed about 20 minutes and left. So that was kind of a waste but the boys seemed to have had a good time and it wore them out. I myself had a headache when we left. We are just so tired of being cooped up in the house. I really want it to get warm.

We didn't spend any money yesterday. We spent enough the day before to fix our heat :(
My fridge is looking pretty bare. This is going to be a tough couple days because we are running low on everything. Not that we will starve or anything. I know we still have lots of stuff to eat. There is just not so much variety.

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GP & GM Campbell said...

The weather up there has been a real bummer this winter!! Has to be very hard to put up with it....What a super job you have done for so many days!!! Think we need to plant Al Gores butt in the snow & cold of Iowa, what a stupid thing to try to push down our throats in January. No more politics we have had enough of that to last us. Miss everyone sooo much but not real anxious to spend our winters there, know it will come. love ya, Grandma