Monday, January 12, 2009

Day 12

We all stayed home yesterday. With the weather being bad Will worked from home. The older boys had the day off anyway because of teacher in service. Everyone is still a little under the weather so we had a relatively quiet day. The older boys played outside in the morning. We have accumulated quite a bit of snow so there is a nice hill of snow that has been plowed in the driveway, always great for playing on.

While the older boys played outside the younger boys and I sat down for some learning time. We started a new letter this week. H. We colored the letter and read Horton Hatches the Egg and then we made these houses. Brodie was even excited to sit and practice writing the letter H which he picked up on right away.

No one left the house which means no money went out! With the looks of the weather I won't be going anywhere for most of the week.

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