Saturday, January 10, 2009

Days 9 and 10

Our spending freeze is going really well. I am pretty sure that I will not be depleting my freezer any time soon. It is still quite full. I am however craving Chinese food in a bad way. Also some ice cream would be nice. Staying strong though. I am bummed that I am out of syrup. I make breakfast every Sunday and usually we have pancakes or french toast. I guess not tomorrow... or next Sunday. I am almost out of fresh fruit and I will definitely be buying bread tomorrow. I was going to make some but is it really cost effective? All the ingredients are so expensive I think it is just cheaper to buy a loaf. I wanted to check to see if there was a bakery outlet around here. I thought there was. As far as the fruit goes, I still have quite a few canned. I am very happy with how all of it turned out when we canned last year. I have pears, peaches and pears and peaches together. It is all awesome. I know now that I could definitely use at least twice the amount next year if not triple. My family is defiantly fruit eaters. After 10 days I am still feeling really good about this challenge.

Will and Tony have joined the rest of us with a cold. We did NOTHING today. We watched some movies, played a couple games of Scrabble and that was about it. Will and the older 3 boys did go outside for awhile. Drew is still pretty sick so he stayed in with me which he wasn't happy about! He kept walking around saying "I go too" he even put his own boots on all by himself. I distracted him with Mr Potato though and all was good.
Jake started his own blog. Not sure how long this will last. He is grounded from everything in the world right now. Will suggested he start one to keep him busy doing something. Here is the address He had a lot of fun playing around. Enjoy your weekend.


juliecache said...

have you thought of boiling down the canned fruit syrup?

Sara P. said...

Sara - Can you use something else for syrup? Jelly? Jam? Honey? Peanut butter? Pancakes and French toast are so easy to make that it's a shame to give up on them for lack of toppings. :)

So proud of you! You're doing a great job with your spending. Kudos to you!

Anonymous said...

There is a bakery outlet in Iowa City over by the Arbeys/Fin and Feather area.