Monday, January 5, 2009

Day 4

We celebrated out final Christmas of the 2008 year with my dad, step-mom and all my siblings last evening. We had a really great time eating, chatting and playing a new game called Carcassonne. The kids has a lot of fun too and were extremely exhasted last night. The only bad thing, I forgot my camera.

We did have to head into Ankeny for some quick errands after the party. I stopped at Wal-greens to get a Rx and then I did purchase a package of Electrosol gel tabs for the dishwasher and a box of aluminum foil. After coupons my out of pocket was .98. I didn't realize I would have to pay tax on the total before coupons so my total came to 1.25. I was a little bummed I went over my $1.00. I used my giftcard to pay for it. The only factor that I feel good about is the fact that there is also a $1.50 rebate that I can get from the gel tabs. So in theory there is a profit of .25!

Other than that there was no spending yesterday. Everyone did good on the shower thing. In the afternoon, we opened our curtains on the huge picture window facing the south to let all the sun come in. It warmed the house up fast! I love having this window here. Natural heating. I didn't do any laundry and only 1 very full load of dishes on the light cycle!

Off to another day. The big kids both go back to school today and Will to work. Things will get back to normal again. Although I am sad to have everyone gone. the little boys and I will get back on some sort of schedule to include some time for our learning again. Today we start the letter G. Giraffe, grapes, and Curious George will be the topics. Plus the use of the new felt board we got for Christmas from my sister in law along with some new puzzles and wooden beads. Should be a fun day!


juliecache said...

reading that you posted at 4:55 a.m. makes me feel tired.

GP & GM Campbell said...

You really are an early riser! Love to hear all about your progress. You are doing GREAT!!! Sounds like your Christmas yesterday was wonderful... Thought about you all all day. Am anxious to get the pictures that Anita took. She said that there were so many of them that I probably wouldn't want them all... Of course we want them all.
Love you, Grandma

~Sara said...

My blogger clock must be off. It was 6.55am when I posted. I getup early but not that early!

~Sara said...

Yes, must be 2 hours off. It is now 6:26am.

Tracy Anne said...

where do you find all your coupons??? i can't ever find coupons for anything we regularly buy in the sunday paper.