Friday, January 16, 2009

Thank you to Maria over at Very Blessed Mommy for nominating me for this award! I am passing this award along to The Ory's over at Our Frugal Journey. I just started following this blog because they too are a midwest family with young children, living on one income, learning to be more frugal and trying to get ahead in life.


~Maria said...

I have 2 questions for you:

I thought of you last night when I was leaving my weekly shopping trip after picking up mainly ingredients for this weeks meals. Do you have any good recipes to share that you have found through this time that you have been able to make without having to pick up extra ingredients for or that you have been able to throw together from your stockpile? I find that even though I meal plan based on my stockpile and freezer stash I still have to pick up fresh produce and dairy. Any tips?

Also, I am way curious to know the temp in your house at 1:00a.m. this morning after no power for 2.5 hours! It is just now up to 63* in our bedroom and it's 10:15!! Great timing out of you for covering windows, extra blankets and draft stoppers!

~Sara said...

Well I don't really have any recipes to share. I meal plan each week. I include a meat, veggie and fruit. We are lucky because I have (had) quite a stock of canned green beans and corn and frozen broccholi. I just rotate these veggies with whatever meat I choose. I do the same thing with fruits. Right now I am rotating canned peaches, pears, fruit cocktail, pineapple and mandarin oranges.

Last week I did cook a turkey and we have had 3 meals with it and I froze enough for one more meal. The meals we had were..roasted turkey 1 night, creamed turkey x2 nights and I plan to make turkey tetrazzini for the last meal. We also made homemade biscuits to go with the creamed turkey.

I am struggling to make things that don't involve cheese. I love cheese and I use it alot so it has been a little difficult to make some meals. Here is my meal plan for next week...

Sun. Steak with sauteed onions, broccholi, pineapple
Mon. Chicken hindquarters marinated in Italian dressing, beans, peaches.
Tue. Crockpot roast, sweet potatoes, carrots and pears
Wed. Frozen pizzas
Thu. Turkey Tetrazzini, corn, pineapple and oranges
Fri. Chicken and rice casserole, beans, peaches.

It is all really basic and nothing fancy. I have pretty much always cooked this way.

The dairy is the kicker for me right now and fresh produce like lettuce. I love fresh fruit but canned is ok too for the moment.

To answer your second question. Our house at 5:30 this am was 60*. I have no idea exactly how cold it got. Our furnace is playing catch up now. It is up to 64* at 12:15!

The Ory's said...

Thanks for the nomination!

It's been brutally cold here, too! Brrr!

Say, one tip for Maria.....keep chopped celery and carrots frozen in the freezer. That way you can toss them together with chicken or beef broth, meat, and rice/barley, etc. to make delicious soups from your stockpile!

~Maria said...

Thanks for the tips. Your meal plan is very similar to mine, we even cook alike! Although we don't do frozen pizzas, we always have a pasta night and usually a "breakfast for dinner" often too. I try to keep at least a night or two meatless to cut back on cost and make our meat last longer too.

I love when I am able to plan out the whole month and then just shop weekly, that saves me so much time and thought but the cheese and fresh produce is a must around here.

I am hoping to do more canning and freezing this summer from the garden too so that will help.