Thursday, January 8, 2009

Day 7

We made it through one week! So far it has not been as challenging as I thought it was going to be. Food has not been a concern for us since we are very lucky to have a very good variety of stock pile. I will however be going sometime this week to get bread. That really is the only thing I can think of that we might need besides fresh fruit but I am going to use my canned fruits.

The kids have been a little more relaxed again about turning lights off. I have to constantly remind them. Showers have still been quick (with the exception of Jacob). Temperature turned down in the house, all laundry has been washed in cold water and done on non-peak hours. I feel like we are doing a pretty good job.

There have been some urges to buy or grab something quick to eat but it hasn't been too bad. I have a feeling it is going to get harder in the weeks ahead.


The little kids and I are still sick. Drew started in with a fever yesterday and is already up this morning with a fever of 102.9. We had a very lazy day yesterday which was good. We watched a movie in the morning and we were all in bed for naps at 10:45am! No one even objected, not even Drew. I was so grateful for that. I still feel pretty lousy today so I am sure we won't be doing much again.


GP & GM Campbell said...

Take care of your self you have a pretty special group to take of too.
Hope everyone is on the mend. NO fun to be sick.
Love ya

autumn said...

Hi!! Good luck on your spending freeze! We're also on one and my kids and I are's so tempting to get McDonalds! Gotta stay strong!!