Monday, December 1, 2008

Back to the usual

Well our mini vacation is over and we are back at home. We had a great weekend in Colo. We got lots of game playing in and it was just nice and relaxing. It is great to have an extra 3 adults helping with all the boys. Wills cousins introduced us to a new game called Carcasonne. Will liked it so much he went out and bought it on Saturday. An impulse buy which he rarely does! It was worth it though cause it is a really cool game.

We got home yesterday before the roads got real bad. Thankfully, because it sounded like the stretch from Huxley to Ames last night was horrible. When we came home in the afternoon the roads were just wet. I got all my Thanksgiving decorations put away and now am ready to clean and then put up Christmas decorations! I think today is the day for that since it is windy and cold. I don't think I will be going anywhere.

Here is some pictures of our Thanksgiving in Colo. We had a wonderful time. Unfortunately I forgot my camera at my moms Thanksgiving so I don't have any to post of that. I also posted our family picture at the bottom of the page. Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday and has a great week.
The table setting. Around 40 place settings. Jenny made beautiful decorations for the napkins. Everything was very fancy!

Preparing the food. 7 ladies in the kitchen at once. And at times, there was more.

Dinner is served.

Relaxing by the fireplace.


Sara P. said...

Wow! You really had an elegant Thanksgiving! Your family picture is just awesome. What a gorgeous/cute family!! Jake will be taller than all of you soon, I am sure. All the boys are sweethearts. Love to you!

GP & GM Campbell said...

What a great time!!! If you get a chance sometime walk me thru the borders again. Just can't seem to remember how to do it. Senior moments I am sure. Love ya Grandma

P.S. the time is wrong am not sure why but it is about 2hrs slow.

juliecache said...

Nice picture!