Monday, December 8, 2008

OK, so I am giving up on going out and cutting our own tree down this year. Between the weather being in the single digits and the snow storm coming I am afraid if I wait much longer then it will be Christmas! I was bummed last night when I ran to Walmart and saw 4 different vans with trees tied to the roofs! Also, all the lights and seeing every one's tree in the window makes me long for one even more. I think we are just going to break down and go pick one out at Menards. I hate to do it cause I was really looking forward to taking the kids out and cutting one but it is just too cold to have them all out trampling through the snow. Maybe next year...

This weekend was busy. I worked the open house at my moms shop all weekend. Will and all the boys went up to Colo Saturday and stayed the night. I stayed here and got tons of stuff done while they were gone. I got almost all of my gifts made. I still have one large gift left and a few details on some others. I got all the gifts sorted and gone through. I got my freezer and my stash of food downstairs all organized and inventoried ( I know, I am a nerd, it just makes it so much easier), I got laundry done, and the most important thing...I got my oven cleaned! Yeah! I haven't been able to use it since Thanksgiving because I spilled so bad in it and every time we turned it on it smelled horrible and just smoked! We don't have an automatic cleaner so I ended up having to spray it 3 times and scrub it by hand. What a pain. It's not perfect but it is functional again!

Drew climbed into bed with me at 4am this morning. He tossed and turned forever, went back to his room, came back to my room and finally fell asleep next to me at 5:30am. Go figure once it was time for me to get up. Some how it doesn't seem fair he is laying here snoring while I type this!

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Anonymous said...

I've come to the same conclusion about cutting down a tree this year. I had thought we'd go tree hunting with all the boys here this weekend, but it was so cold and now the weather is yucky on top of that. So, I think we'll just go pick up an already cut one. Now I just have to figure out where to put it!

Mom Bryan