Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Yesterday was Jake's jazz band performance at Capitol Square in downtown Des Moines. They did really well. I love listening to them play. My sister-in-law came down and we picked up Will from work, and my dad was also there. Here are some pics. Jake is in the back row between the two Santa hats. The tree was in the center of the Square.

I got some Christmas baking done yesterday. I quickly froze some of the cookies so that little hands (and big ones) wouldn't eat them all. I went with Tony to his piano/drum lesson and was impressed by how much he has learned about the drums in so little time. He still insists he wants to play the saxophone when he gets into band next year. Time will tell. While I was gone Will helped Jake look up some recipes online for our dinner. Jake ended up making his own rub for our porkchops and he also made sweet potato fries. I had to leave the room while he was cutting the potatoes but he did a really great job. It was all really good. He was pretty proud of himself and thinks he wants to keep cooking dinner!

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GP & GM Campbell said...

That is so great that the boys are interested in music. That is something that they will never lose even if they don't become famous they will always have it.
Same way with learning to cook, It GREAT. Gramps