Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Pictures...

There are so many to share but here are a few of my favorite ones...

This shirt was a gift from my husband.

Our crazy cat opening his own gifts!

The madness of Christmas morning.

Sorting through the stockings.

The family gift from Santa that the boys were just positive was a Wii, only to find an air popcorn popper inside.

Our dinner table Christmas Eve.

My moms house Christmas morning.

Our four boys in front of the fireplace at Grandma and Grandpa Bryan's house Christmas night.

The whole family enjoying Grandpas new gift to the boys...Rock Band World Tour.

Grandma Mary rocking out on the baby guitar!

How many boys does it take to put together a LEGO set?


GP & GM Campbell said...

You girls just do a FANTASTIC JOB on these Blogs. I'm so happy that you enjoy doing it. Grandma and I Love them

Anonymous said...

I think I really have star quality -- I knew I should have been a rock star!!! LOL


juliecache said...

the t shirt is really the bomb.