Monday, December 15, 2008

We had a nice weekend. Not very productive but sometimes that is ok. The one project I wanted to get done didn't. Our water heater. It needs drained. We are living on very little hot water and I don't like that. Hopefully we can do that tonight and hopefully that will solve our problem.

I did however get a large Christmas project done! Yeah. I wish I could post it but its a gift. I also got about 7 gifts wrapped last night. It felt good to get started on that.

Yesterday the younger 3 kids and I made Christmas ornaments out of Bakers Clay. We ended up having to make more than I was expecting cause I messed up the ingredients. I thought each kid could make one for the tree but we ended up making about 20! So, we may turn those into Christmas gifts! Now all we have to do is paint them and tie a sting on. Pretty cool. I think I have one of these from when I was in preschool that I made. Crazy. Here is a picture of Tony putting them into the oven. Like the new hair? Much better.

After the baking we had a jam session. The kids played drums and danced around the house. Drew is really getting into music and has some pretty funny moves!

Lastly, this is Jakes 3-D bug that he had to make for Science class. Isn't it cool? He did a really good job. I wanted to take his picture with it but he wasn't going for it so I just got the bug. I should get some pics of him today as he has his first jazz band performance downtown. I am excited to go to that. He is feeling a bit under the weather this morning so hopefully he makes it. I'll post about it later. Stay warm.

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GP & GM Campbell said...

YOUR day starts very early. But what you all get done in a day really makes me tired to think of.
What fun you are having with those boys. Love it & we are so proud of all of you.