Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I am happy to say that last night Will and I got some power wrapping in and I have almost everything done. We wrapped till 12:30 this morning. Just a few odds and ends to wrap today hopefully. This will be the first year that we are not up late Christmas Eve frantically wrapping and getting ready! I am happy for that.

You can feel the excitement around here. The 3 older boys tell me everyday how many days are left until Christmas. I am excited because for the first time ever we are celebrating Christmas Eve by spending the evening quietly at home and having a fancy dinner for the 6 of us. Our last real splurge before January 1 hits and we are haulting our frivolous spending.

Will did go back into the Dr. yesterday for his knee. He is still unable to bend it real well. He definitely can not handle stairs yet. The doctor is pretty confident that it is only a terrible bruise of the bones and it will take a couple weeks to heal. I hope he is right.

We didn't have a whole lot of picture moments yesterday. Most of the day was just cleaning and hanging out. Here is a picture of Brodie holding a piece of toast that he bit into the shape of the letter A. He was so proud of himself!


GP & GM Campbell said...

Job well done, you can enjoy a leisurely Christmas Eve.
Special Family times!!!!!Love you all
Grandma & Gramps

juliecache said...

shoot, we were up until 2:00! but it wasn't power-anything, I am sure, when compared to your 'power-wrapping.'