Thursday, December 4, 2008

I have been battling a persistent migraine the last couple days. 3 days in less than a week I have had one. It is really annoying me at this point. I did get a new sample from the doctor and I believe it is working. Finally something that has given me some relief. Anyone who suffers from migraines now how horrible they can be. Everyone else seems to be happy and healthy here. Knock on wood. I am hoping for a good winter without illness this year. Last year was not nice to us.

The last couple days we have been pretty quiet. With the snow falling and me not feeling well I haven't left the house much. Tuesday night we all did head up to Colo for a Pampered Chef party hosted by my MIL. Yesterday the kids and I did some baking. We made 2 loaves of banana bread. 1 to freeze and 1 to eat. I have gotten quite the freezer of food going. I am preparing ourselves for the "30 Days of Nothing" we are going to start in January. More details on that later!

The little guys and I read some books about snowmen yesterday and then did this fun project. We glued cotton balls to card stock snowmen that I cut out. It was funny to
watch Drew because he had glue all over his fingers so the cotton was sticking to them. Brodie on the other hand is so careful not to get glue anywhere on him or he runs to grab a wash clothe! I guess I should be happy he doesn't like to get dirty or least for now he doesn't.

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Sara P. said...

Those are such CUTE pics of the boys showing off their snowmen! Very neat!