Friday, December 19, 2008

Winter Break

Well the kids are officially on winter break. 1 day early due to the bad weather we received yesterday. Now it's time for me to figure out what we are all going to do while we are home together for the next couple weeks! I have a few things up my sleeve.

Will's knee is still pretty sore. He worked from home yesterday and wasn't able to elevate it properly so he paid for it later. It was pretty swollen. He is able to put a little more pressure on it now so that is good. Hopefully it is going to heal on it's own.

Everyone here is getting excited for Christmas. Hard to believe it is only 6 days away. Projects here are almost done. Wrapping...just getting started! I still have a little baking to do. Hoping to get that done today since I will have extra hands to help me.

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