Saturday, December 13, 2008

Wow, only 12 days till Christmas. Time is flying. I have almost everything ready. Just need to finish a few projects, figure out 2 more people on our list, buy Jakes big gift and then...wrap it all. Hopefully I can get some of that accomplished this weekend.

I went to the Scholastic book fair on Thursday. My sister always sends me the invite in the email, and my SIL went this year and found such great deals that I had to check it out. It was way larger than I expected. Next time I need to take a list of what we already have and find an afternoon to just browse. All my boys love books so I could have spent hours and tons of money but I got what I thought I needed (ok, well we didn't need anything, it was what I wanted). I got some great books for the little boys all at 1/2 off. Books that we rent from the library every couple months. I haven't given them any. I am trying to figure out how to do that. Some might be in their stockings others might wait till Easter. The best bargain of the day though was this. I love this calendar. I get one every year and my entire life is on it. It has a column for everyone and I just write everyones schedule on it. If it isn't on the calendar it isn't happening. I live by this calendar. How much was it you ask? $1.00! I didn't know that until I checked out. Now if I could only find the planner in one of these for that cheap!

Friday was a non-eventful day. The kids and I were pretty lazy actually. Drew had his ENT apt. for his 6 month check of his ears. Everything looked great. We took Tony to get a haircut (I'll post his picture later), ran and picked up a few movies for the weekend and hung out at home. I am working at my moms shop today so Will is home with the guys. Hopefully everything is still in tact when I return home this evening! Enjoy the weekend.


juliecache said...

awesome $1 calendar -- how sweet is that?

GP & GM Campbell said...

You girls are so talented & get everything organized. We are having a heck (would like to use stronger language than that) of a time with our computer. Can copy things but can't get it to print my cards. Feel like such a failure as I should have had them done not sure what we will do. Take a picture to Walgreen's I guess.
Love you all