Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas is in less than 3 weeks. Are you ready :) I have shopped 2 nights this week and am happy to report that as for buying items I am about 85% done. I still have a few gifts that I need to make and 2 people I am really having a hard time thinking of something good to make or give them. I really try hard to think of something that the person would like but some people can be so difficult to buy for! Anyway, I think I am doing good and hopefully this weekend I can get everything I have gotten laid out and ready to wrap! Of course we haven't gotten our tree yet but that is ok. I really can't put any presents under the tree for fear of the fits I would encounter of a 2, 3, 10 and 12-year-old not being able to open them!

Well I am off for now since my darlings are awake. Hopefully I can post more later. Have a great day.


GP & GM Campbell said...

Think you are doing great for such a busy household!!! Thank you sooo much for helping us out on our background on the blog. Thought I had done something terribly wrong so am relieved that wasn't the case.
Love you all, Grandma

juliecache said...

if you wrap your gifts, hide them in luggage. no one looks there. unless they read this comment.