Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Our Christmas tree.

We had fun decorating last night. We watched the movie Elf while eating dinner then took a break long enough to play some Christmas music and decorate the tree. Then we finished our movie. It was a little crazy decorating. Everyone has their own box of ornaments so they were all diving in at once and pulling stuff out. Brodie just wanted to unwrap everything and toss it on the floor. Drew tried very patiently to put things on the tree but just couldn't get them to stay on. Jake was the first one done hanging all his ornaments in the back of the tree. And Tony took his time and reminisced about each and every single ornament and showed them to me.

This was our attempt at a nice photo op with the four boys. This was our best picture taken.


Anonymous said...

I'ts a wonderful picture of the guys. And the tree is just perfect. Thanks for sharing the experience.
Grandma Anita

GP & GM Campbell said...

You can see they all had fun! I remember those times too, also with you grandchildren. Kind of hard to not be around for it. We went to a party today with about 29 of us Winter Texan's had such a good time.
We have some really good friends!!