Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Yesterday was busy for us. In the morning the little boys and I got all the furniture rearranged in the living room and got all the Christmas decorations up. I love it! Tony has gotten quite the collection of nutcrackers so this year instead of putting them in his room I displayed them on top of the entertainment center in the living room. We added garland and green Christmas lights. It looks good (except for our bunny ears attenna which is impossible to cover up). Tony was pretty excited. The Nativity scene went up on the curio cabinet Stockings that a friend of Wills from work made our family, including the cat, went up on the wall.

We buy our tree each year so I am not sure now when that will happen. We were going to venture off after the kids get out of school tomorrow to go find one but it is suppose to snow now so we will see. We were planning to go cut our own tree down at the tree farm. The snow might push us back to the weekend.

In the afternoon Will had an errand to run so he got home later than normal. I left and worked at moms shop till 6pm while Will took all the boys and ran some errands, stopped at the library and took Tony to his band lesson. Tony has decided to start taking drum lessons. I think he is getting bored with piano and wanted to change it up a bit. Thankfully his piano teacher also teaches drum so now his lessons will be split between the two. He stared that yesterday and was very excited to show me his new drum sticks when I got home last night.

We didn't get dinner till 7pm and then it was the usual routine of getting chores done and little boys to bed. Jake, Will and I stayed up a little later and watched a movie. 88 Minutes. It was good, I'd say rent not buy. Does anyone even buy anymore? Anyway, we had a good day here yesterday. Now it is time to get going on today.

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GP & GM Campbell said...

Things look very nice at your house, this is such an exciting time of the year! Beautiful Nativity Set! Quite the collection for Tony to have.
Love to all, Grandma & Grandpa