Saturday, December 27, 2008

And the winner is...

The winner of the cookie decorating was the poka dot gingerbread person. For all of you who think you had the cookies figured out, see if you were right.


A lot of people thought the poka dot bikini was Wills idea. Nope, I get the credit for that one! Thanks to all who voted.

We had a wonderful Christmas. We are still celebrating the holiday here in Colo with Will's parents and sister. We have been here since Christmas night eating, playing games and just being lazy. Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday. I will get some pictures up when we return home.

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juliecache said...

I did not get to vote before the poll closed. I was going to vote for the santa. it reminded me a LOT of Grandma Campbell's artistry. I was telling the kids that she could make a shapeless blob of dough look like a Michelangelo sculpture.