Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Cookies

We spent the morning decorating cookies. The kids ended up getting bored and left Will and I to finish the decorating. It turned into a competition as to who had the coolest looking cookie! There was so many to do at the end I was just happy to slap some frosting on and call it good.

Of course Brodie and Drew had their own bowl of frosting. Not much got onto the cookie.

Our next project to get done today is to finish some ornaments we made and get some wrapping done! Tonight we are going to just relax and hang out before Will has to go back to work tomorrow. Hope everyone had a great weekend and stayed warm.


Lorie said...

What great cookies! They did such a good job.

Anonymous said...

That is such a fun family activity. And how do you make such intricate applications of the frosting? I am sooooo impressed! What fun you guys have.
Love ya, Grandma Anita

GP & GM Campbell said...

Beautiful cookies, can remember making cookies with you grandchildren. Do you remember the ugly cookie you kids made for grandpa?
We had a lot of fun too.
Love to all of you