Friday, November 28, 2008

Well I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving. We are spending the rest of our holiday weekend at my mother-in-laws house. It is a nice break from our house. I won't be able to post any pictures until we get back home. So for now, sorry just typing.

We had a wonderful day yesterday. We spent the morning and early afternoon at Will's moms. We had all the family in town which was about 40 people. We saw many relatives we hadn't seen in a looong time. So long that some hadn't even met the small boys yet. It was great seeing everyone.

In the afternoon we headed back to Des Moines and spent the evening at my moms house. Needless to say we had quite the spread at both houses and we way overate! We headed back up to Colo and spent the night there playing cards and games.

Mary, Jen and I are going to do Christmas baking all day today. I am excited for that. We will see what all we get accomplished with all the chit chatting and coffee drinking going on!

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