Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tuesday night we had Jakes Band and Choir performance at school. He did a really good job. It is amazing how much difference 1 year makes. The 7/8 grade band was great. Jake really isn't digging choir so I think he is going to drop out at the end of the quarter. That is ok with me though. He is liking concert band and jazz band much more and seems to stay busy with that.

In this picture he is in the middle on the top row. Click on the picture for a better view.

Last night was family night. My turn again. I opted for a nice quiet night. Everyone has been a little testy lately and not sleeping well so I thought a movie was a good option. I rented Kung Fu Panda. We all like it alot. I felt a little lazy though because I didn't make any cool desserts or plan anything real exciting. My goal was to have some type of dessert each Wednesday. Oh well, we did have popcorn and left over icecream I guess that is something.

Drew has his 2 year check yesterday. He weighed in at 30.8 pounds and 36 inches long. He is 75% for weight and 90% for height. He is doing really good.

Lastly here is a couple pictures of the new tool I made the little boys. There is different colored pockets that I made and glued to cardboard covered with paper. Then I colored popsicle sticks to match the colored pockets. I also wrote numbers on each one so they could match the color or the number. Then they can just drop the stick into the correct pocket. Brodie did great and got the hang of it. He already knows his colors-I made the numbers on them more for him. Drew just liked putting the sticks in any random pocket. He wasn't very impressed.

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