Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Well, things have been busy around here. Nothing too out of the ordinary I guess. The little boys have been really struggling with naps and sleeping in general. My mother-in-law told me they inherited that from their father. Drew has been taking naps off and on but when he does this is where he has chosen to sleep.

Right in the middle of the hallway. I can't get him to sleep in his bed. This is where he falls asleep at night too. I can remember sleeping in the hallway too when I was little. Strange huh? I guess he got that from me.

Brodie is officially potty trained now. On week 2 of underwear and so far we have been extremely lucky and he hasn't had any accidents. It is nice to have only 1 child in diapers. It has been 2 years since I have had that!

Tony is playing basketball now. He isn't really liking the team he is on. He has a kid who has been bullying him and we are now in the process of switching teams or having the other child switch teams. Tonight Tony was in tears cause the other kid put Tony in a choke hold and threatened him. Poor kid. He is really having a rough go of it here lately.

Jake is busy with jazz band. He has practice 2 mornings a week. He also is working on a culture project right now for Social Studies. His grades are slowly improving.

Overall everyone is doing fine. Looking forward to the holidays. I went through Christmas gifts today. I have gotten a pretty good start. Crazy to think it is almost Thanksgiving and then it will be Christmas!

I'll end the night with a picture of the projects the kids and I have been working on. The Indian corn was made by Tony, the small turkey by Brodie and the large turkey by Drew.


juliecache said...

We feel sympathy for Tony. We just switched Gabe from Tues. gymnastics to Thursday. The other kids' behaviors really bug him, and he thinks it makes the teacher cranky, therefore, class is not as fun as it could be.

~Maria said...

Good job Brodie!