Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I struggled with a migraine off and on today. It never got real bad. I started a new medicine that I take when I feel one coming on and it seemed to work. Of course I had to take 2 doses but it is better then the other kinds I have tried that didn't help at all. Tonight it is a lot better.

The boys and I had fun making these turkeys today. Brodie is doing so good at gluing and making projects. His attention span is getting a lot better.

Tonight was family night. We took the boys out to dinner to celebrate Jake getting an A+ on his states and capitols test. I am not sure how he managed to pull it off but he did. When we went over it with him on Monday he got 19 out of 50 right. So getting 100% 2 days later is pretty impressive! It was his family night too, so after dinner we rented a movie. It was nice to just relax a bit tonight.

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