Thursday, November 13, 2008

Can I start this day over?

My morning started shortly after midnight. Drew was up till about 2:30am tossing and turning on my lap because of a stuffed up nose. Once I finally got to sleep I woke back up at 5:30. I got Jake up for jazz band, stumbled out to make my coffee which I forgot to get ready last night, turned it on, came in to check my email only to sit for 15 min. realizing the coffee wasn't done. I forgot to plug in the cord.

I plugged in the cord, got in the shower, halfway mid rinse of my hair the hot water runs out. I finish rinsing in a cold shower. I get dressed and come out to the living room to hear my oldest complain about the shoes I just went and bought him last night for his band concert on Tue. (he was suppose to wear his uniform to school this last Tues. to show the teacher, but didn't have any shoes till last night cause he forgot to tell me, so he was going to wear his uniform today) The shoes apparently hurt his feet so he can't wear them. This is the same problem I have had with him the last 3 attempts at buying shoes. Fine, we will take them back and look for different shoes that will probably hurt his feet.

My bother stops to pick Jake up for band. Happy to get him out the door and thinking that the little kids are going to possibly sleep in for a bit I sit down to the computer to do a little surfing and out pops both boys. 6:40am Usually on days like this with early starts I have to go somewhere to save my sanity. Unfortunately for me, Will's car is not functioning so he been using the van, leaving me with no transportation. Uhg. It is going to be a long day.

Now I sit here and it has taken me 15 min to write a 5 minute blog. Drew is on my lap helping and I just realized I have 2 cups of coffee in front of me. I think I will need them both!


Jill said...

Oh, the joys of motherhood!!! It's supposed to be a balmy 52 today, so you might get a chance for some outside time. That might help wear out your little ones so that they could consider a nap this afternoon? Good luck!

GP & GM Campbell said...

Oh my wish I could help make your day better. Do have some pictures for you not just sure what you want. Also have some card fronts I have saved for you girls for crafts. Told Julia about them yesterday but have not heard from her yet. Cards are so nice & some are really nice.But one can not keep them all. Love ya

~Maria said...

Love the new page!

juliecache said...

I am going to start calling him the 'bother' from now on.

Stefany said...

Oh, I hope today is going better than yesterday. I've been thinking about you guys alot. We should get together!

Anita said...

It's amazing how little sleep you girls can get by on, not that you have any choice!
Hang in there, things are bound to change soon, hopefully for the better. Love ya, Anita