Monday, February 2, 2009

We finally got the little boys outside for a bit this past weekend. It is going to be cold again for a couple days then be back up in the 40's. I am glad I will be able to take them out. The problem will be all the melting snow. It will be a sloppy mess in our backyard.
We had a nice weekend. Friday night was spent nice and quiet. We just hung out and Will messed on the computer while I got some reading done. We celebrated my sisters birthday at my moms house Saturday night. Then mom, Joel and Jen came over and we played some cards. Sunday of course was spent watching the Superbowl. Unfortunately I had to cash in early due to a migraine. I am really getting aggravated with my headaches. Anyway...

We finished the letter "J" last week. Here is a poster we made. I decided to take a break from starting "K" this week and we will do some Valentine activities instead.

Tonight we have Piano practice and then we are heading out to dinner to celebrate our accomplishing 30 days of nothing. I am pretty excited about that. Guess where we will go?

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Jill said...

My money is on... Panda Buffet- or that Chinese place in the strip mall on Ankney Blvd. :o)