Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!
This wasn't from his mother, grandmother or aunt.
This was from a
girl at school.


Jill said...

You've got a real Casa Nova on your hands huh? Best of luck with that.

GP & GM Campbell said...

A handsome gentleman he is, So be strong and Gide well. And good things will happen. Gramps

GP & GM Campbell said...

He looks a lot like his Mother.
We all think he is cute but someone else must too.
love Grandma

juliecache said...

be prepared to have him think her opinion is more important than yours. did he give her something, too?

~Sara said...

I feel like EVERYONES opinion is more important to him than mine!

He did not get her something because he had no idea he was getting something from her. He felt really bad about that!

I am happy to know that people think he looks like me. That is a relief!

Stefany said...

Way to go, Jake!