Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Jake!

Well it is official. We have a teenager in the house. Sigh...

We decided to celebrate Jakes birthday last night. Traditionally we celebrate our birthdays in the morning during breakfast. However, since Will has to leave for work at 5:30am, we decided to move it to last night. Jake didn't complain :) He liked everything he got and was a great sport at letting Brodie "help" unwrap all his gifts.He did get donuts this morning and of course we decorated the dining area for him, We will have his birthday dinner tonight. He of course has requested steak and breaded shrimp! Then Friday night he is having a slumber party with 5 of his buddies. That should be fun! Looking at him it is so hard to believe he is getting so big. I guess that means I am getting old.


Anonymous said...

Wow, he is getting so big. I remember the night he was born. That was such a special time. Grandpa was so proud.
Hope the rest of the day is fun. Nate and I will stop by later with his gift.
Congrats Mom, on having a teen!
Love, Grandma Anita

GP & GM Campbell said...

Happy Birthday Jake!!!!