Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Love you

This was the scene this morning as Tony went down and waited for the bus. Both little boys always run up and demand hugs and kisses from him before he leaves to catch the bus each morning. This morning after he went down, they stood at the window waving and saying "Bye Tone, love you" until the bus finally came.


Sara P. said...

You know, everytime Nate sees a bus now, he says "Tony bus." We saw a bus far in the distance the other day, and sure enough, I heard "Tony bus" from behind me in the van. It sounds a little more like "Tonny buh" but we know what he means. So cute!

juliecache said...

the top picture is the most awesome. you need to scrapbook it.

Anonymous said...

I remember really vividly watching Max go off on the bus every morning and standing there waving good-bye. I don't think he thought it was very "cool" to have his little sister waving good-bye to him every morning and waiting for him every night -- he was a really hep high school kid, after all! But I thought he was the most awesome and interesting person in the whole world. Probably Brodie and Drew think about the same thing of Tony.

Mom Bryan

~Sara said...

I do love this picture!